2 Reasons To Check Out The Hyundai Tucson Sport

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Car Dealership


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There are six different trim options available on the new Hyundai Tucson SUV. Each trim model incorporates the features on the base model and adds to the various safety, interior, mechanical and exterior options.

One of the most popular options in trim packages is the Hyundai Tucson Sport. This is an AWD (all-wheel drive) SUV designed for drivers in the Newark, NJ area who enjoy vehicles that handle well, offer exceptional performance, and that provide driver fun as part of the benefits of ownership.

The Infotainment System

Anyone in Newark, NJ who has a long commute or travels for work or with their family knows the importance of a quality infotainment center in the vehicle. While often not the first feature considered, the Hyundai Tucson Sport in Newark, NJ offers an intuitive and accessible system that provides exceptional quality sound through eight Infinity speakers throughout the cabin.

In addition, the system offers Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as SiriusXM radio. The navigation system includes turn-by-turn directions for easy travel in any location.

Safety Considerations

Safety for drivers and passengers is a focus on all Hyundai vehicles. The Tucson provides a range of safety features from ABS brakes, security systems, tracker systems, and electronic stability. The cars come with perimeter approach lights, panic alarms, and ignition disable controls.

The vehicle is equipped with blind spot collision warning, rear cross-traffic collision warning, and forward collision avoidance assist. Lane departure assist, low pressure warnings for tires, and fully automatic headlights make this stylish SUV a family-friendly vehicle. Contact Lynnes Hyundai today!!

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