Who Needs to Buy a Ford Flex at the Dealership in Oak Ridge TN?

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Ford Dealer


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The Ford Flex is classified as a midsize SUV although its design gives it a lot more body. The model has a powerful Twin Turbo V6 engine as well as plentiful cargo space and lots of safety tech. The model is most suitable for certain types of people such as:


The Flex is a great car for coaches because it has lots of room for cargo (83 cubic feet) and can seat up to seven people. You can easily take a small team of players out to have pizza after a game. You can transport some of the children in school for a field trip, as well.

Rideshare Workers

This vehicle is perfect for rideshare workers who want to ensure that their passengers have the highest level of comfort and accommodations. They will be surrounded by entertainment features such as satellite radio and the MP3 player. They will also have a lot of comfort because of features such as lumbar support and passenger vanity mirrors.


Travelers will also love this when buying Ford New Car in Oak Ridge, TN model. It has excellent fuel efficiency and can give you up to 23 miles per gallon on the highway. That’s enough to get you where you need to go without putting stress on your wallet. You’re sure to save hundreds if you invest in this Ford New Car Oak Ridge TN SUV.

This vehicle might be what you need if you fit any of the categories mentioned above. Contact a reliable provider to get more information about it and start your journey to ownership. Salespersons will be delighted to help you through your process of finding the Flex model that works best for you.

Contact Ray Varner Ford for information on available models, pricing and specials.

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