What You Should Expect from a Towing Service in Richmond, VA

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Automotive


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If you need to have your car towed, the towing service you call should also offer a full line of auto body repair services. After all, when you request a tow, your car, in most instances, has probably sustained some body damage. That is why it is good to know that any damages from a crash can be repaired by the same company from which you request a tow.

Make Sure You Have a Local Contact Number for a Tow

You should have the phone number of a towing service in Richmond, VA on speed dial on your smartphone, just like you would any other emergency contact. That way, you can immediately get help, whether your car has broken down or has been involved in a fender-bender.

Auto Body Repair Services

Before saving the number of a towing service to your phone, take a look online to see which businesses in your community provide this service. Make sure the towing business offers auto body repair services such as the following:

* Total auto body repairs as well as auto glass replacements (they usually complement each other)
* Preparation and painting services
* Dent removals and repairs
* Paint matching
* Wheel alignment
* Welding and mig welding
* Aluminum repairs

Always Be Prepared

Structural repairs and frame straightening should also be a part of their menu of offerings. Therefore, it is important to call a towing service that features these services as soon as you need them, as delaying the work can affect your car’s overall resale value. That is why it pays—literally—to always be prepared in this regard.

Who to Call for Auto Body Repairs or Towing Services

One company that offers auto body repair, glass replacement, and towing is Bruce’s Super Body Shops. If you have not done so already, review the services they offer and make sure that you have the number of a towing and auto body repair company included on your speed dial.

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