It used to be that you’d drive to the lot, take a look around at the cars available, and negotiate with a dealer over the final terms. You’d also get an estimate for your trade-in based on many different variables. That method of purchasing a car is still an option. But buying a car has changed in many ways.

At dealerships like the Ford dealers near Palatine, one of your options is called the Express Store. Too busy to get near a dealership? No way you have time to haggle? You can go online to the dealer website, shop for your car, and place your order. You don’t even have to pick your car up. They will drop the vehicle by your home or you can drive it home from the office.

Trade-in negotiating has become more streamlined as well with the many research tools available. Kelley Blue Book is one trusted publication that takes into account the mileage, condition, and features of your vehicle in producing a fair trade-in value. It gives both the owner and dealership tremendous guidance when figuring out a fair value. If you have any questions about how the trade-in works, visit a dealer at a Ford dealer near Palatine.

The internet has made car buying much easier. The folks at Arlington Heights Ford have created an online presence where you can do half the work (or more) before you even arrive at the dealer. Their site can help you figure out your monthly payment, what you’re putting down, and the trade-in value. With that information, the site will show all of your options that are on the lot. You show up, and most of the work is done.

Online car shopping has never been easier, and the buyer has never had more options. Like us on our facebook page.

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Author: Eric Spence

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