Types Of Lubricants For Bearings in North Dakota

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Automotive


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There are two basic types of lubricants that are used for bearings. These would be made from oil or from grease. Oil is the most widely used because of its superior properties for handling low temperatures, decreased volatility, and its better ratio of temperature to viscosity. Grease lubricant is, essentially, an oil to which a thickening agent has been added. This is preferable for use in instances when there may not be east access to the bearings, so frequent lubricating is not possible. From these two types of lubricants, there are several derivative products that are used for Bearings in North Dakota.

  • Petroleum products have the characteristic of being great for jobs that require excellent load carrying abilities. They are naturally resistant to corrosion but are only usable at moderate temperatures.
  • Super-Refined Petroleum is still just as good as petroleum at load carrying but is able to be used at much higher temperatures. Since it is super-refined, all unwanted elements are removed, and only the desired chemicals are left intact.
  • Synthetic lubricants have been gaining a foothold in regards to Bearings in North Dakota as they have a wide temperature range and are resistant to oxidation. They are very useful for using in conjunction with miniature ball bearings.
  • Silicone lubricants enjoy a wide range of temperature-sensitive uses but suffer from a drastically reduced load carrying a rating. In fact, many companies will lower the load-carrying rating by a factor of one-third in the instances when silicone is used.
  • Perfluorinated Polyether is a specialty lubricant that is useful at extremely high temperatures and is chemically inert. However, its inertness makes it susceptible to oxidation and corrosion and makes it incompatible with many additives.

Make sure to not overpack bearings when grease is used as overpacking is just as bad as not using enough grease for lubrication. It can cause overheating and a high torque.

Many websites, such as Website Domain, carry a full range of bearing lubricant supplies that one can purchase. They can also offer suggestions as to what particular type of lubricant will be needed for the task or purpose at hand.

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