Although many people view car detailing as a largely cosmetic service, restoring the shine and luster of a vehicle, many may not know that detailing also provides several practical, as well as functional benefits.

To maintain the shine and luster of a vehicle’s paint job, it is usually recommended to undergo a full-service automotive detailing once a year. After that, car owners may simply maintain the results by washing their car regularly with non-abrasive tools, as well as returning to the auto detailer for any necessary touch-ups. Following this relatively low maintenance regimen will ensure that cars retain their new car appeal, as well as reap the more practical benefits.

Some of the benefits of car detailing are the overall health of the paint job, a sometimes marked improvement in lighting ability, as well as longer lasting wheels and tires.

Here is how it works.

More than just dirt accumulates on a vehicle’s paint; bits of rock, metal, and tar also finds their way into the paint causing damage. Acting as a protective coating for the metal underneath, when the paint is damaged, rust and corrosion move in.

Even seemingly insignificant dirt and grime accumulation on a vehicle’s headlights and taillights is able to reduce the amount of light available to illuminate the road properly. By maintaining clean headlights and taillights, drivers can increase visibility during the night and in poor weather.

All manner of materials is able to accumulate on a vehicle’s tires, potentially deteriorating their overall condition. Substances such as solvent, brake dust, and oil eventually lead to cracking sidewalls and tire failure due to corrosion. However, properly detailing a vehicle’s tires effectively washes away these harmful accumulations and increases the life of the tire.

A full-service detail should include paint care; this will usually consist of a multi-step process to remove dirt and harmful particulates as well as shine restoration. It should also include a cleaning of the chassis and wheels; here they will remove particulates and usually dress the relevant areas with a protectant. Headlights, taillights, and exterior trim should be cleaned and polished to fend off or even remove signs of oxidation. Finally, they should provide interior detailing which usually consists of carpet and vinyl cleaning, leather conditioning, and fabric care.

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Author: Eric Spence

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