The Top Ten Best-Selling Reasons to Become a Satisfied Lexus Owner Today

Lexus vehicles have a reputation for high performance, long-lasting dependability, and innovative safety features. The name conjures images of sophistication and quality. The Lexus brand consistently ranks in the top ten for market value among Japanese cars, and Lexus vehicles are sold in over 70 countries around the world. What are the best reasons you should become a satisfied Lexus owner?

1. Fuel Economy: No other luxury car brand comes close to the fuel economy ratings of the Lexus, whether it is a hybrid or non-hybrid vehicle. The Lexus hybrid CT200h gets at least 40 mpg, whether you are driving in the city or on the highway. The Lexus non-hybrid cars are also among the most fuel-efficient vehicles in their class.

2. Innovation: Lexus was the first luxury car maker to introduce a high-end hybrid vehicle. They were the first to make an eight-speed automatic transmission car and the first to add LED low-beam headlights. Theirs is the top pedestrian detection system on the marked. It is no wonder that one of Lexus’s core principles is design leadership through innovation. Even their complex body paint process is so unique that it delivers a more lasting and flawless finish than other luxury cars.

3. Handling and Driving: Designed to transport both passengers and driver safely to their destination, Lexus still provides some of the most fun driving on the road. Their engines are models of responsiveness and efficiency. Tight, responsive steering gives an impeccable performance while maintaining top-notch safety expectations.

4. Go Green with Lexus: Lexus manufacturing ranked number 8 out of 50 in Fortune Magazine’s “Change the World” list for its development of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Their North American factories have significantly reduced their water and energy use, all while producing the best hybrid and green luxury vehicles on the market.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Lexus owners routinely give Lexus high ratings in customer satisfaction as well as excellent ratings for dealer service. J.D. Power & Associates rated Lexus highest in customer satisfaction for dealer services among all luxury car brands for the fifth year in a row. For car dealerships in Arlington Heights, this includes satisfaction with services advertised by the dealership, the services provided, quality of the service, and the pickup or delivery of the car upon service completion.

6. Quality Manufacturing: Each engine manufactured by Lexus gets the hands-on treatment by a highly trained technician to verify its perfection. Engines are assembled in clean rooms, to ensure no dust damages the parts. Many assembly steps are still completed by hand. Materials in Lexus care are the finest available.

7. Comfortable and Ergonomic Design: People buy luxury cars for the luxury feel. Lexus puts the human element at the core of their design, balancing form and function in the cabin. The driver experience is optimized for placement, shape, size, look, and feel of every amenity for optimum efficiency and comfort.

8. Reliability and Dependability: Lexus has won the J.D. Powers Dependability award for six years in a row. As your preferred car dealerships in Arlington Heights, we believe this is the core of how Lexus delivers long-term value to our customers.

9. Award-Winning Quality: J.D. Powers is just one of many to give kudos to the Lexus brand. Every year, Lexus tops the charts for quality in its class among experts. Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, U.S. News and World Reports and more have all awarded Lexus for value, reliability, trusted brand, and the overall best vehicle in its class.

10. Best Resale Value and Best Used Car Quality: As one of your premier car dealerships in Arlington Heights, we know purchasing any pre-owned vehicle can be stressful. No worries when you buy a Lexus because dependability and quality stand behind every Lexus. Kelley Blue Book consistently rates Lexus as one of the best resale value luxury cars available.

All our Lexus dealership service and floor room staff are trained to the same exacting standards that apply to Lexus cars. You can expect the highest quality service, low-stress buying and service environments, and the pride of owning the most affordable luxury car on the market.

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Author: Eric Spence

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