The Purpose of Oil Changes

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Automotive


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Oil changes are essential for the optimal operation of vehicles. They should be included in any proactive maintenance schedule. Changing the oil goes beyond the simple process of lubricating your engine. It is an important function for the maintenance of your vehicle.

Why Oil Changes Matter

Technicians in Moline IL know oil changes are important. They can list many to support their arguments for replacing old oil. Below are a few they include in their discussions with clients.

  • Protection: Oil safeguards your engine against corrosive elements e. g. dirt, dust, and moisture.
  • Wear and Tear: Oil decreases the damage from heat and friction, therefore, reducing the eroding of your engine.
  • Cools: When you refresh or change your oil, you reduce the heat and friction build-up. Oil transfers the heat in the components of your engine away This, in turn, cools your engine, therefore helping to prevent it from overheating.

A car’s engine has many moving components. Changing the oil protects and prevents the engine from suffering from certain serious issues.

Oil Changes Are Important

Oil deteriorates over a period. It slowly becomes sludge, limiting its ability to deconstruct the various particles that build up inside the engine. It also proves to no longer be effective in reducing the impact of heat and friction. This influences the performance of the engine in various ways including fuel efficiency and performance.

You can avoid the cost of repairing or replacing an engine. Check your owner’s manual. Institute a regular oil change program and stick to it.

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