Staying Safe while Buying a Car Online from Subaru in Albuquerque NM

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Automotive


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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, those who need to report to work are looking for a reliable ride to get them to and from their destinations safely. Yet, with movements restricted solely to essential travel, car shoppers now wonder if they could buy a car as they would other stuff. This mindset is unsurprising: the massive upsurge of global digital retail over the past few months indicates that online shopping truly is the way to go, even when it comes to vehicles. With this, customers of a Subaru dealership in Albuquerque often ask the question: How can you shop for a car online?

What Are Risky Activities?

According to medical experts, everyday activities now need to be ranked based on their risk of spreading the coronavirus under the “new normal.” Regular tasks now may or may not expose you to infection. For instance, going to a cinema or riding public transportation now rank as high-risk activities. On the other hand, moderate to high-risk activities include dining inside a restaurant and visiting a friend at a party indoors.

In this same light, taking a walk in town would be regarded as a low to moderate risk activity. Shopping in brick-and-mortar stores is ranked as low to moderate risk, as long as you follow strict health measures. These precautions include wearing a face mask, sanitizing your hands regularly, and maintaining the recommended physical distance from other individuals.

Trends in Car Shopping Behaviors

Though visiting dealerships to check out vehicles may be a low-risk activity, there is still a considerable percentage of people who prefer to do it online. Almost half of them do so using multiple devices, such as their laptops or smartphones.

What do they search for? The data includes vehicle prices, ratings, and model comparisons. This information allows them to be clearer-headed about their options, so they have better choices when it comes to the features they need.

Car Buying Online: Where to Begin

If you want to make an online purchase of a Subaru in Albuquerque NM, get those fingers flying and do your research first. From data gathered by Google and insights group Kantar, 92% of interested car buyers get started by looking at their models of choice online.

You can orient yourself by reading through the specs and features of the vehicle. Have a checklist of what add-ons you’re looking for. Are you particular about measurements, legroom, and electronic devices? Be sure to note the safety ratings and fuel efficiency, too.

It also helps to look at videos of the car model you’re interested in. Google also mentioned that there was at least a 65% increase in the number of YouTube views of virtual test drives over recent years. Similarly, more than half of video watchers say that 360-degree views of the cars often convince them to make the buy. These just come to show that online auto shoppers can be very picky and particular, and they’ll want to have a sneak peek of their rides without really having to step out of their homes.

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