Reasons Why Car Batteries in Mystic Fail

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Auto Parts


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Many roadside breakdowns are caused by dead car Batteries in Mystic, and as summer approaches, they become more problematic. Whether a driver comes in for a new battery or engine repairs, local auto repair shops can help. Below are the four most prevalent causes of a dead car battery, as well as some easy fixes that are available at local auto repair shops.

Water Loss

Cold weather, hot weather and overcharging can cause a battery’s water to become depleted. Water is a crucial component in the chemical reaction that gives a car battery its electrical charge. A diminished water level can adversely affect current flow, and although a modern battery claims to be maintenance-free, it’s good to measure the water level regularly. Be sure to refill the battery with distilled water to avoid damage to the battery’s plates.


As a car battery ages, it loses its charging capacity and it will eventually fail. If the battery is more than five years old, it’s likely losing its charging ability. If the car is hard to start, consider buying a new battery before the old one stops working completely.

Corroded Terminals and Loose Cables

If the battery cables are loose or the terminals are covered in corrosion, the car may not start even with a fully charged battery. Corrosion prevents the electrical current from reaching the starter because the circuit is broken. Remove the connectors, scrub off debris and corrosion and retighten everything before starting the vehicle.

Sulfate Buildup

The buildup of lead sulfate can cause a reduced battery current, and it occurs as a battery sits for a while without charging. The more severe the discharge and the longer the battery sits, the more likely it will be irreparable. Using a trickle charger replaces the charge at the same rate it is depleted, and it can prevent degradation.

No one wants to deal with dead batteries in Mystic, but local auto repair shops can help. Contact us or visit the website to find out about the company’s full range of services, or call us to schedule a tune-up, engine repair or battery replacement.

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