Optimizing a Website Design in the Automotive Industry

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Automotive


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There is an old saying that good generals win wars. Leaders who are the most experienced, forward-thinking, and skilled are the most successful at making the most of the resources at hand and generating the greatest impact. When you are in business, you want to make the most of your resources to create a strong online presence and good SEO content so customers can find you. There is a lot to consider when you are trying to find an automotive dealership website design that can maximize results for your business.

Goals of SEO

When it comes to making your own website, there are key things that you need to consider. One is drawing more traffic to your site, two is making money off of car sales on your site, and three is getting people to come back to your site again and again. A strong automotive web design that is SEO friendly is the best way to accomplish these three goals. You want to have a responsive website, and you want to show up in search results so that new customers can discover you and returning customers can find you again for all of their automotive needs.

Keywords are Important

To properly understand SEO and to implement it fully, you need to understand what your keyword types are. Keywords are the signal words that you use on your web page and within your page content that will draw viewers. These are the words that will pop up in search engines. SEO keyword research is very important if you want to build a strong website. There are two basic types of keywords.

  • Niche/Short Keywords. These are broad spectrum keywords that will come up in many different types of web searches. For an automotive site this could be a short phrase like ‘car repair’ ‘Kia Soul’ or ‘car repairs.’ When you use these in your web content, people who are searching for these terms will see your site listed in their search results. This is why a good automotive dealership website design and good SEO is critical!
  • Long Tail Keywords. These are much more specific. For your automotive site you may include long tail keywords such as ‘the best cars for 2016′ or ‘troubleshooting a Rav4’. As you can see, long tail keywords are more specific keywords that are more specialized and further redefine the searches people conduct.

There are many things to consider when it comes to using SEO on your automotive site to reach your target audience. It can take time and effort, but the more work you put into it at the start, the better off you will be down the road and the better your website design can be! Let iPitCrew show you how to maximize the power of SEO and web design!

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