Mobile Auto Glass Replacement

by | Jun 6, 2015 | Automotive


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Mobile Chicago auto glass replacement is a valuable service to vehicle owners that is offered by many businesses that repair and replace automobile windshields. This service sees the repair technician going to the home or office of the customer, replacing the broken windshield on-site. The same companies often also offer windshield chip and crack repair, this also can be done on site. Repair involves filling the damaged area with resin; once it cures the resin area is polished until there is no evidence that at one time the windshield was damaged. Either replacement or repair can be done quite quickly with a minimum of fuss.

When the windshield of any automobile is cracked it poses a real problem, the entire windshield could collapse at any moment, hitting a pothole is all it takes. Most auto insurance companies offer mobile Chicago auto glass without having to pay a deductable. By making the financial decision easier the vehicle owner will not be tempted to put the repair off. As a windshield is only broken or chipped badly while the car is being driven, many local suppliers of auto glass offer to make the repair or replacement where the car is rather than force the owner to come to the shop and in the process have the windshield fall into the passenger compartment in shards.

Insurance companies make submission of a claim painless. All the owner really has to do is advise the insurer that the glass in his car has been broken, rarely is there a need to complete any forms. Once the report has been made the car owner is free to have the repair or replacement done.

The only information the mobile auto glass replacement company needs is the make, year and model of the car. In the majority of cases the replacement windshield is a stock item however if it is not then it may take a couple of days to get the glass and arrange for installation.

Replacing the windshield of a car is not difficult. Once the technician arrives with the replacement he will set about removing the trim around the windshield and attach a powerful suction cup to the broken glass; as the glass is laminated, although it is destroyed it still will come out in one piece. The replacement Chicago auto glass is set in place and once it has been firmly fixed and the trim replaced the car can be driven. In the majority of cases the whole operation is over in less than half an hour.

Franks Auto Glass offers mobile Chicago auto glass replacement and repair. Call Franks Auto Glass from your home or office and a skilled technician will have the job done quickly, safely and efficiently. Visit the site for more info.

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