Lubbock Auto Body DIY Rust Repair Tips

The poor economy means that people are keeping their cars for much longer than they used to. Keeping a car on the road means not only paying attention to how it runs, but how it looks. Below are some tips on DIY auto body rust repair, and when to seek the help of a Lubbock Auto Body professional.

When it’s OK to do Your Own Repairs

If you live in a cold climate where the roads are salted, your car will rust at an accelerated rate. You’ll need to decide whether you can treat the rusty spots yourself, or if you’ll need to hire an auto body repair technician. The decision will depend on how severe the rust is, and what sort of results you’re looking for. If rust hasn’t eaten through the metal and is less than 4″ in diameter, you can easily fix it yourself with sandpaper, primer, body-colored paint, masking tape and old newspapers.

Steps to DIY Repair

You’ll first need to remove any rust. Use a sanding disc with 100 grit paper, and sand slowly so as not to cut into the car’s body. Sandpaper just beyond the rusted area for lasting results.

After removing the rust, hand-sand the area with 120 grit paper and move up to 150 grit paper. After the sanding is complete, use a tack cloth to remove dirt and residue from the area.

Use masking tape and newspaper to cover the portion of the car body around the sanded area.

Apply primer in light coats, waiting up to ten minutes in between coats to allow the primer to set and to prevent runs. You may need up to four coats; after primer is done, allow it to dry overnight.

Apply the body-colored paint in several thin coats. Patience will pay off-;applying several light coats will give you a better looking, longer-lasting repair. After applying the final coat of paint, allow to dry for up to 12 hours before removing the paper and tape.

After 48 hours, wash and wax the entire car. Use a mild soap specially formulated for use on automobiles, and a gentle, non-abrasive wax.

The above steps won’t result in a new-car look, but they will keep rust from getting any worse. If you have rust damage so severe that the frame of the car is corroded, it’s best to seek the advice of an auto body repair professional.


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