It’s no secret that winter is often brutal to vehicles, whatever model you have. If you’re not careful, the effects of winter can lead to irreparable damages to your car. This is true especially for owners of luxury vehicles like Lincoln cars. Repairs, whether minor or major, can cause a huge dent to your bank account. With the season changing to spring, now is the best time to have your vehicle thoroughly checked to protect it from any lasting damage. Some Lincoln car dealers have compiled the ultimate guide to prepare your vehicle for springtime.

Get your car washed

Halite or rock salt is often used to lower the freezing point of water and melt ice, making the roads safer for use during winter. However, an accumulation of salt in your undercarriage can inevitably corrode your vehicle’s exhaust and muffler system. 

Have your car washed from top to bottom, taking special care to wash underneath the car and the wheel wells. Experts from different Lincoln dealerships in and around Covington, LA recommend that you do hand washing instead of the usual car wash as this would guarantee that every nook and cranny of your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned.

Driving around with wet, salty carpet can also cause rusting from within, so don’t forget to clean your carpet and floor mats as well. You should also take this moment to vacuum and throw away any trash from your vehicle’s cabin. Let everything dry out by air for a few days before putting it back.

Get your tires checked

The winter season can leave lasting damages to your car’s tires. If you have changed tires for the winter, spring is the time to replace those tires with non-winter ones. Using the wrong tires will only wear them down faster, as they tend to soften up as the temperature gets warmer. 

Always check the tire treads even if you weren’t using winter tires, since driving under cold temperatures can lower tire pressure, resulting in worn out treads. As everyone knows, driving with worn out tires on a rainy spring day is as dangerous as driving on icy roads.      

Inspect your belts and hoses

As with tires, cold temperatures can damage the rubber belts and hoses, too. Cold weather tends to harden rubber, which can lead to blisters, cracks, and leaks. Remember to inspect the hoses and belts for any visual damage and replace it as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to replace the filters

Prevent foreign particles from causing unnecessary clogging to your car’s systems by having the air and fuel filters replaced. Replacing the filters will also ensure the air quality inside your cabin and will prevent any allergens like pollen or dust from coming in.

Check all fluids

Most people will stop after checking their oil and oil filter. However, don’t forget to check the coolant, power steering, brake and transmission, and windshield washer fluids as well. In fact, you might need to flush and replace them. Ensuring that these fluids are on the correct level will prevent your vehicle from stalling.  

For more spring maintenance tips, check out Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in the New Orleans, LA area.

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Author: Eric Spence

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