How To Replace Tire Management System Sensors

by | Mar 20, 2024 | Business


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Like any other equipment, a TPMS will need repair and replacement at some point. It is crucial to know when, how, and where to replace your vehicle’s tire management system.

How Often Should You Replace TPMS Sensors?

Luckily, most management systems are built with the latest tech to serve you longer. They usually last 5-10 years based on the design and other unique features. Given that they are quite an investment, most drivers prefer replacing them only when necessary or when there is irreparable failure. These problems mean that your tire management system sensors need immediate replacement:

1. The sensor’s battery is dead, and the system cannot be run.

2. There is severe damage to the sensors, which means they cannot operate.

3. The seals or gaskets of the TPMS sensors are worn out or damaged.

4. The sensors are no longer transmitting signals to the vehicle.

5. The valve caps/cores of the TPMS become seized.

Before Replacing TPMS Sensors

You should know that TPMS comes with different features to cater to individual vehicles. Some cars need to be programmed by professionals and synced first to enable a new TPMS, but some vehicles automatically adapt to the system the more they drive. There are also instances where you will prompt the car to enable the new sensors to work. Your installer should advise you accordingly.

Should You Replace Your TPMS Sensors When Replacing Your Tires?

The good news is that your tire management system can easily outlive your tires. Since they have a lifespan of 5-10 years, you will likely have the same set installed with new tires a few times. To be safe, you can have the sensors evaluated each time you service your tires, meaning you will have to replace them only when necessary.

Trust a Certified Technician To Upgrade Your Car’s Tire Management System

You can only trust certified technicians, such as those at Revvo, to handle the installation, repair, and replacement of your TPMS. A well-installed and serviced TPMS system assures you of longevity and safety.

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