Have Broken Windshields Replaced Right Away With Our Mobile Services

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Automotive


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If a hailstorm damages the windows on your vehicle, then you need fast auto glass replacement in Chicago. When a windshield is broken, we can provide repairs at your home, workplace or other location by bringing along a new windshield, adhesives and tools. You can watch as we protect your vehicle’s body while removing the damaged windshield and inserting a new one. After the windshield is installed, we test the glass to confirm that it is installed correctly to provide a safe surface while you are driving.

We Can Replace Damaged Automobile Glass at Our Repair Shop

Remember that driving with a severely damaged windshield is dangerous because the glass protects you from flying projectiles and severe weather conditions. In addition, if you are in a collision, then the windshield can help to protect you from injuries. When it is impossible for us to replace an automobile’s windshield at an off-site location, you can arrange a tow to have the vehicle brought to us so that we can perform auto glass replacement in Chicago at our repair shop.

Contact Us for Complex or Simple Automobile Glass Repair

In some cases, other windows on your vehicle are damaged for a variety of reasons, but we can also fix these windows at our automobile repair shop by removing interior door panels. This process can require more time so that the window glass will roll down and up correctly with the automated buttons on the doors. Our repair shop usually has the windshields and other windows that are required for making auto glass replacement in Chicago, but occasionally, we must order certain sizes or styles of glass from a warehouse. Contact Frank’s Auto Glass.

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