Guide to Motorcycles for beginners

by | Oct 14, 2011 | Automobile


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There are many choices and needs whenever you look out to buy a new motorcycle for yourself. Buying your first motorcycle can be a tough and a challenging job if you do not know much about motorcycles.

Here are certain tips, which can help you select the right motorcycle for your needs and comfort.

Type of motorcycle

The most important thing to decide while buying a motorcycle is its type. There are many types of motorcycles available in the market. You can select from a wide range of motorcycle types such as scooters, sports bike, dirt bike, dual sport, cruiser, or a standard bike. The prices of these bikes vary according to their specifications.

Lets have a look at all the available alternatives you can consider.

Touring bikes

These motorcycles are generally built for long distances and are heavy and powerful. You must be equipped with sufficient skills to ride such bikes since these are not like any other ordinary motorcycles.

Sports bikes and dirt bikes

Sports bikes are known for their speed, agility and performance. These are usually high performance motorcycles and require high maintenance. These bikes are used by professional racers, but are made available for people with certain or no changes. These are expensive bikes and dirt bikes are off road bikes, used for dirt racing. There are many modern on road dirt bike types available nowadays.

Standard Bikes and scooters

Standard bikes and scooters are the most used types of motorcycles. Scooters are used almost in every country of the world. Standard bikes provide a good performance and are of reasonable rates. Since these bikes are more performance oriented, there are no fancy and flashy graphics. These are available in standard price range and are moderately priced.

Motorcycles for beginners

Motorcycles for beginners

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