DIY Tips for Auto Exhaust Repair in Forest Lake MN

by | May 16, 2017 | Auto Repair


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Throughout a typical day, the exhaust system of a vehicle when in use, is continuously being exposed to diverse elements. These elements include hot weather, road debris, soil particulars and, in colder climates, ice, snow, and salt. Over time, prolonged exposure to such conditions results in the development of cracks and holes in the exhaust system.

Once a vehicle starts to sound noisier than normal, or if there are black stains, indicating the escape of exhaust gases, then it is likely the result of a leaking exhaust pipe. The good thing is that proper maintenance is easy to carry out and they can last a very long time, which saves the cost of expensive repairs. Repairing an exhaust pipe is pretty straightforward and takes only about thirty to sixty minutes and the needed materials can be found around the house. The following are the steps for a DIY repair of an exhaust pipe.

Step 1: Use a car jack to raise one (preferably the driver’s) side of the car off the ground.

Step 2: Put on safety goggles. Then slide under the car to visually examine the exhaust system using a flashlight, and once the leak is located, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Make use of a wire brush to tidy the damaged area in preparation for the actual repair.

Step 4: Use a piece of steel wool to cover the leaking or damaged area.

Step 5: Use a repair tape to carefully wrap around the steel wool, thereby securing it to the exhaust pipe.

Step 6: Cut out a piece of an empty soda that can fit around the damaged area. Use the hose clamps to secure each end of the can to the exhaust pipe.

Step 7: Start the car and allow it to idle for fifteen minutes to activate and adhere the adhesive to the exhaust pipe.

Step 8: Take the car out for a test drive to confirm if the repair is complete. The sound of the engine and the exhaust pipe should have a smooth sound.

But in the event that the necessary materials aren’t available and the steps outlined above are too difficult to follow, check out for professional Auto Exhaust Repair in Forest Lake MN.

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