Car Repair Experts in Alexandria Can Get You Back on the Road Quickly

You depend on your car to run when you need it to and get you where you need to go. However, you may not have the car serviced when necessary or the mechanics of the car checked when something seems to be wrong. The car may simply experience a malfunction because of age or some other reason.

If your car has a mechanical problem or any issue which keeps it from running or running at its peak performance, you need Car Repair services in Alexandria. The technicians can perform complete diagnostic work on any vehicle, and with the results, they can tell you what is most likely wrong with your car. The technicians have the skills to work on all vehicles, and there is a technician trained in every vehicle system.

The technicians are trained in troubleshooting and diagnostics. They perform the check engine light diagnostics to determine the exact message the light is sending you. The problem can usually be fixed on the spot. Most problems can be repaired the same day.

Alternators and regulators can be installed quickly. Transmission rebuilds can often be accomplished the same day. Other repairs can be made quickly including mufflers and exhaust systems, brakes, starter repairs, transmission servicing and replacement. Air conditioning systems can be serviced and repaired the same day also. Routine vehicle maintenance is performed with attention to detail, which means the affected parts will last longer.

Car Repair in Alexandria specialists will also provide towing and roadside assistance to get your car back to the garage for repairs or back on the road again. They carry a complete line of tires and the services that go with the tires:


  • Goodyear
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Uniroyal
  • Kumho
  • BF Goodrich
  • Bridgestone


  • Replacement
  • Repair
  • Tie-rod maintenance
  • Wheel alignment
  • Steering and suspension
  • Inspection
  • Disposal fee waived with new tires
  • No charge on valve stems

The Shirley Duke Shell Center is committed to providing the best products at the most affordable prices. Tires are one of the parts that can cause trouble when they wear down or lose air. Have your car repair shop check your tires for extensive wear.

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Author: Alvina Deitsch

I try to cover the topics that not many people consider like – Are brake repairs really important? and Lowering the cost of auto repairs. These topics, I feel save you from spending unnecessarily on your vehicles. You can save this money and get new accessories for your car or upgrade it.

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