Alternative fuel vehicles, way ahead of conventional ones

by | Nov 11, 2011 | Automobile


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The exploited use of non- renewable resources such as fuel is fast burning the stock available to the mankind. The rising fuel prices have added to the already growing problems. Driving conventional vehicles is not what people prefer these days. A look out at other alternate options is slowly gaining ground. Alternative fuel vehicles have come up to the scene with a bang with eco- friendly being its main feature.

Hybrid cars which do not use traditional fuels like diesel or petrol are on the forefront of alternate fuel cars. Environment conservation and increasing awareness about energy consumption has made people realise the importance of alternative fuel vehicles. The environmental care that the hybrid cars offer is the main reason for its popularity. Many nations offer subsidies in the form of tax discounts to the owners of such cars.

‘Green cars’, so aptly named is because of its environment friendly nature. They also consume comparatively lesser fuel unlike conventional cars that run on gasoline. The least pollution caused is an added advantage. Auto-mobile manufacturers have taken up the task of designing cars that are in line with nature, causing least of harm. Electric and the solar cars have been launched in the market since long but they could not grab attention until the recent past. Good mileage, decent performance and the most important of all, the no pollution caused has added to its popularity.

Alternative fuel vehicles are a bit highly priced at the moment. More and more people are switching to the greener mode, which has made sales grow. With technology evolving better with each passing day, the possibility of cheaper options cannot be ruled out.

Fuel vehicles

Fuel vehicles

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